I Trust You

There are many days which I may get nervous and/or worrisome over anything and everything.

One thing I hold onto for my future though is you.

You will not let go.


When I want to know what the future holds, I have to stop, take a breath and trust what you have marked out for me. Maybe it may not be doing a particular job but you have a better view on my life and therefore, know a better purpose for my doing something else. I may not see it but I should trust your guidance. Also, I may never fall in love to the marrying point but again, I should trust you. As scared as I am to be alone, you may see a better use for the love in my heart and, I need to remember that.


Since you can see all of my roads from start  to finish, roadblocks included; I need to hold onto my trust in you and have faith you will direct me in the way you would like me to go and also, the way that is right for me.


I am giving you my heart to do as you will. I trust you will guide me on this journey.

Let me do right by you.



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