Various thoughts

Road Maps

There are many road maps in life; besides ones used for driving. Being advised as well as our heart and soul speaking to our minds help us decide which route to take.

Some routes we go down, we end up being full of amazing awakenings into our lives. We can receive astounding friends on these journeys as well. People who join you on your travels here will most likely stay with you for a long time. They will also be with you if you ever end up turning down a bumpy road and will help you find your way back to safe roads.

We all end up turning or being forced to turn down a road that is not right to be on. Hold on, have faith and listen to your soul. Stop to get help from others to guide you back to the right direction you need to be going. These wrong turns make us more able to handle anything that can come our way. Other people that we may meet here would end up being great assets to us so we will want to bring them along with us as we get through the wrong direction and keep going the right way as without those people, we would still be going the wrong way.

It may not make sense as to why this has to happen on your road or why one person knows more but maps are funny. Some people see everything and some see nothing. Hold on tight to everything you feel; trust your gut and help others when they need directions as well. If you haven’t experienced being lost yet, it will happen to you so make sure you are paying it forward always.

You will have many road maps in your journey, make sure you hold on to these maps so you can help others later.

All the best to you on your journeys. Read your maps carefully, listen to suggestions when needed, trust God as he leads you and, enjoy the ride.


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