Blown Away

It’s hard to believe you died so I could live and be myself
You didn’t even know me but you did that wondrous thing for me and, well, everyone
I thought that over and w-o-w. Knowing me, I am not sure I would have done the same
You did this for everyone yes but I was overwhelmed when I thought of just ONE.

I am blown away.

Ever wonder what inspires you to do something?
Ever think about what that “inner voice” is?
That is Him guiding you and telling you what to do and where to go.
Follow Him and you’ll be amazed at the glories.

I am blown away

I also see a photo of the world wrapped up in hands. Those are your hands.
Yikes; the whole world in your hands; care and everything?! Not sure any of us could ever do that.
Wow Lord; you can hold us while you have your hands over the whole Earth.
You know everything too and your love never shakes off.

I am blown away

Every little thing you do for all of us Lord, I am blown away by your love



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