Acrostic Poetry

Traumatic Brain Injury feelings- acrostic

True feelings of tears and pain are involved in this experience
Real to life this doesn’t seem at first
Anxiety and confusion take over
Up high in the sky is where our old lives lay
Many factors from that life we cannot get back
Aiming to feel better becomes our new goal
Trying to beat the odds and live a fuller life is something we all strive for
In life however, there are no guarantees and we learn this through our experiences after the fact
Choosing which way to do anything is a difficult task

Broken is how you feel inside
Resulting in you seeming different
Anxious to get going with life is how most feel
Independent from anyone and anything is hard to accomplish
Never conquering old goals is what some have to face as well

Individuals going through this have a hard time grasping things; their families too
Near to you or far, you feel their pain
Jailed is how their emotions feel
Unable to escape to a time where they felt “free”
Rest assured, most make it through this, but
Yes, brain injuries hurt immensely for the person and caregivers


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