The Voice That Speaks Within



There are plenty of voices in our heads daily. It is how we manage our jobs, relationships and other daily routines. There are two very distinct voices though. One you should pay attention to and one you should not.

The one that you hear and it gives you a slight tingle along with warm feelings is the one you should pay attention to. It is coming from deep within your heart and that is God. He has many positive reasons for whatever He requests and it will guide you to where you need to be. There will be plenty of blessings coming to you from listening to His voice.

The other one you have to be aware of. The plans sound and feel good; at first but in the end, more pain will come your way. You will feel any amount of greed with your uneasy happy feelings coming from this voice. Those are meant to fool you so you think all is well with these actions. This is the serpent talking to you then. You feel light headed afterwards and say yes just because you are not aware of the trickery. The road may seem short and simple but will lead to long and destructible.

The voice to listen to is the calm and gentle one of your Creator in your heart. That may not start out easy but in the end, all will be at peace as that is what He is; peace.

The Lord loves you and knows how to guide you so listen to your heart and trust Him. All will turn out for the best.







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