Various thoughts

Act React Play

  • a play on the Do-re-me song from The Sound of Music for a drama class


Act React Play


Let’s start at the very beginning; a very good place to start
When you read you begin with A, B, C
When you perform you begin with act, react play
(Act, react, play)
Act, react, play; the first few themes just happen to be act, react, play
(Act, react, play)
Act, react, play, speak, dress, dance, sing


Act to anyone and everything
React to actions played on you
Play for everyone to believe it’s true
Speak for all to hear you
Dress in the era and theme of the show
Dance may be used to brighten it up
Sing to make all smile

That will lead us to a great show!





True, life has no guarantees
. However, there is one exception; God.
He will love you and guide you daily.
Believe in him and trust his will; he will lead you down the right directions.
Listen to your heart; that is him speaking to you.
Let go and trust God as he holds your future in his hands.
He knows all and that is a guarantee.

Martina McBride


Friendships come in many forms
At least one form can have immense power on you
It can advise you; make you think and make you feel better/happy
Everything else positive is in this form as well
This form is presented to you in music
All singers can do this but only one can speak to your soul
When that happens, you feel so grateful to the singer for helping
Martina McBride does this for many
She can hold your heart up in the sun gently with her voice
All of her songs inspire people one way or the other; we can all run to her
People feel close to her and feel a song of hers was just for them
Close to the marker where you call someone a friend is how most see her
So Martina, even though we do not know each other solely
Thank-you for being a friendawesomesaying