A miracle is a marvel that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. In other words, a miracle is an act from God.

With something as small as a speck of dust to something as large as the world along with the light around it; those all are miracles.

Go even further with the creation of the world and light (sun, moon, stars); the great Creator even made all the other planets out there. Miracle!

Back here on Earth; weather, vegetation, landscapes, water, est. all come from our Creator as well; miracle!

Continuing with nature, all insects, winged animals, slithering things, swimming and legged animals all had to come from somewhere as well; our awesome Creator! Miracle!!

Then there is us. He created all of us to be our individual selves. We have our own bodies, our own hearts, our own feelings, our own minds and so on. This individualism work is a gift as we have: a) different names
b) different body types
c) different jobs
d) different languages
e) different places to live

and on and on it goes. Miracle!

The Creator goes even further with his humanity creation. He gives all of us strength to face each day. Yes, troubles come but he helps us through them, no matter what; we just have to be bold enough to listen. He lets us choose our actions freely. Miracle!

He has made individual reasons for all of us billions of people to be on this Earth that no one else can perform but us. That is mind blowing; he has that many plans/ideas; miracle!

We should all be grateful to this Creator for creating everything in and around this world. If you claim things came from specks of dust; those specks had to come from somewhere and have something different in each of them for all of this individualism we get in water, vegetation, animals, sun images, moon images, the stars, everything and us; miracle!

His words became flesh; miracle. He deserves our praise and attention to His plans that he has made for us. Life will be (and is) beautiful because of Him and all He has done for us:
a) created the world and us
b) let us remain after a lot of crazy actions on our part; sin
c) gave us his son who died for all our sins. Multiply your mistakes by billions and then you’ll know what He sees everyday and still loves us all; wow, miracle!

Thank-you Lord God for all the miracles you have preformed up to now. I’m going to try and live by your will to thank you more.

With all my love,