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THE Truth

(Curious about the thoughts that come from this…)
All of us have said at one point- well what if God was one of us? I bet he would do the same. Truthfully, God was one of us. As a human through his son Jesus, he took us in, accepted us, forgave us, loved us and all else. Then, in his human form; we killed him. Yet, God still helps us, forgives us and loves us. Wow…shocker.
Think about it- would you be able to forgive someone for killing your child because your child was not the way they were? Would you be okay with constant criminal activities, people going against you and all else against your wishes?
He forgives us for EVERYTHING. Yes, exactly- wow.
It is crazy how much He loves us no matter what happens over time.
Lord, wow. Thank-you for loving us so much. I cannot fathom it. Really, forgiving even the tiniest of things seems hard so that is amazing! To know you forgive the smallest things times a million and still hold love for us blows me away.
Thank-you for your forgiveness.
️ Leanne Ripley