Acrostic Poetry

Kenny Chesney

Keys to my heart you hold
Every note you sing; you unlock a piece of it
Never afraid of your entrance into my soul; that’s me
New feelings of strength, bliss and paradise- I always feel
Yes, you unlock my heart and make me feel right

Chances are, I will never be able to tell you these things in person
How I wish I could, but;
Even so, I will thank you for everything you do
Smiles galore seems to be “your gift” to me all the time 
Now, I have to be honest with you:
Every time you sing a song to me
You make me happy, lift my spirits and you lift me up; in more ways than one. Thanks for making me feel right about everything!

Acrostic Poetry, Martina McBride

Martina McBride acrostic work

Many times people want to applaud you
And over and over they will
Real to life are your songs
The fans love how their spirits are lifted, no matter what
In all of life’s endeavours, your music gives strength
Not everyone is as inspirational as you
Anxious to see you, that’s how all of your fans feel,

Multiple ways you touch people’s lives
Creating songs that spread a message and
Bring joy to the fans is your specialty
Rain or “shine”, you make all smile
In different ways but it’s all the same
Dreaming of a “Loveland” is where they all go so
Everyone can say this to you without hesitation; THANK-YOU Martina McBride!

Acrostic Poetry

Traumatic Brain Injury feelings- acrostic

True feelings of tears and pain are involved in this experience
Real to life this doesn’t seem at first
Anxiety and confusion take over
Up high in the sky is where our old lives lay
Many factors from that life we cannot get back
Aiming to feel better becomes our new goal
Trying to beat the odds and live a fuller life is something we all strive for
In life however, there are no guarantees and we learn this through our experiences after the fact
Choosing which way to do anything is a difficult task

Broken is how you feel inside
Resulting in you seeming different
Anxious to get going with life is how most feel
Independent from anyone and anything is hard to accomplish
Never conquering old goals is what some have to face as well

Individuals going through this have a hard time grasping things; their families too
Near to you or far, you feel their pain
Jailed is how their emotions feel
Unable to escape to a time where they felt “free”
Rest assured, most make it through this, but
Yes, brain injuries hurt immensely for the person and caregivers

Acrostic Poetry

For the curling team Brad Jacobs

representing Canada at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. 2014

Bright and shining stars you are

Remarkable is how you guys performed

And it was amazing how the pressure of the games did not seem to bother you

Direct were the shots you all made J


Just hope your arms were not too sore from all that sweeping!

Also, hope you all caught your breath; I know I could barely breathe watching the games you played!

Curling is an exciting sport and your team just BOOM, came out a few years ago,

Out-played all expectations and won the right to be Team Canada at the Olympics then win it!

Boy, I just knew you would be Team Canada and become “The Golden (Boys)”!

So I would like to say this- I am SO PROUD of the four of you and, CONGRATULATIONS!

Acrostic Poetry

Christmas acrostic poetry

Much happiness is brought forth today
Each and every year
Real are the emotions you will see
Rare to find an unhappy face
Yesterday’s events hold nothing on this day

Cheer is the heart felt feelings that fulfill people
Heaven; where this originates from
Rows on top of rows of joy; the feelings you normally receive this time of year
Inspiration; that’s normally the expressions that encircle you when around others
“Stars” will be “brightly shining” on this “holy night”
This is the only time each year where everyone can have a birthday party for what this day represents
Mistletoe is something you feel holly jolly to be under
And everyone enjoys saying this, one way or another;
Season’s greetings, enjoy every moment and MERRY CHRISTMAS!