Martina McBride

Musical Martina

Musical Martina
Elegant Martina
Big astounding voice

Influential Martina
Whimsical Martina
Sing Sing Sing

Martina McBride


Friendships come in many forms
At least one form can have immense power on you
It can advise you; make you think and make you feel better/happy
Everything else positive is in this form as well
This form is presented to you in music
All singers can do this but only one can speak to your soul
When that happens, you feel so grateful to the singer for helping
Martina McBride does this for many
She can hold your heart up in the sun gently with her voice
All of her songs inspire people one way or the other; we can all run to her
People feel close to her and feel a song of hers was just for them
Close to the marker where you call someone a friend is how most see her
So Martina, even though we do not know each other solely
Thank-you for being a friendawesomesaying

Acrostic Poetry, Martina McBride

Martina McBride acrostic work

Many times people want to applaud you
And over and over they will
Real to life are your songs
The fans love how their spirits are lifted, no matter what
In all of life’s endeavours, your music gives strength
Not everyone is as inspirational as you
Anxious to see you, that’s how all of your fans feel,

Multiple ways you touch people’s lives
Creating songs that spread a message and
Bring joy to the fans is your specialty
Rain or “shine”, you make all smile
In different ways but it’s all the same
Dreaming of a “Loveland” is where they all go so
Everyone can say this to you without hesitation; THANK-YOU Martina McBride!

Martina McBride

The Truth

Martina McBride,
I am going to try to explain to you what your music means to me and I’m sure others.
Your songs are heartfelt and they feel real vs. feel like just another song; if you catch my drift. You sing about everything from life to love to everything else! Most others just sing about or have hits about romantic love. They (your songs) also make people feel a wide range of emotions. From happy to focused on someone/something; it is amazing.
On a personal note, I feel all different kinds of emotions and in some songs, more than one emotion will hit. There are days I need to hear at least one song from you. Once that happens; everything seems and feels alright. Here’s a truth- your music helps keep my emotions in line and I actually feel more emotionally “equipped” afterwards.

Martina McBride


Quicksand is a funny thing

It can pull you under in a matter of seconds

And then you are there for a long time, maybe even forever

Unless someone or something rescues you

Martina McBride’s music is like quicksand

All it takes is one song and you are pulled under

You fall in love and keep listening to her

Unlike quicksand, you are not there for just a long time

You are there forever; you’re in for life

Her music is one of a kind and it rescues you

Everyone who gets pulled under says this:

Thank-you for rescuing me