THE Truth

(Curious about the thoughts that come from this…)
All of us have said at one point- well what if God was one of us? I bet he would do the same. Truthfully, God was one of us. As a human through his son Jesus, he took us in, accepted us, forgave us, loved us and all else. Then, in his human form; we killed him. Yet, God still helps us, forgives us and loves us. Wow…shocker.
Think about it- would you be able to forgive someone for killing your child because your child was not the way they were? Would you be okay with constant criminal activities, people going against you and all else against your wishes?
He forgives us for EVERYTHING. Yes, exactly- wow.
It is crazy how much He loves us no matter what happens over time.
Lord, wow. Thank-you for loving us so much. I cannot fathom it. Really, forgiving even the tiniest of things seems hard so that is amazing! To know you forgive the smallest things times a million and still hold love for us blows me away.
Thank-you for your forgiveness.
️ Leanne Ripley




A miracle is a marvel that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. In other words, a miracle is an act from God.

With something as small as a speck of dust to something as large as the world along with the light around it; those all are miracles.

Go even further with the creation of the world and light (sun, moon, stars); the great Creator even made all the other planets out there. Miracle!

Back here on Earth; weather, vegetation, landscapes, water, est. all come from our Creator as well; miracle!

Continuing with nature, all insects, winged animals, slithering things, swimming and legged animals all had to come from somewhere as well; our awesome Creator! Miracle!!

Then there is us. He created all of us to be our individual selves. We have our own bodies, our own hearts, our own feelings, our own minds and so on. This individualism work is a gift as we have: a) different names
b) different body types
c) different jobs
d) different languages
e) different places to live

and on and on it goes. Miracle!

The Creator goes even further with his humanity creation. He gives all of us strength to face each day. Yes, troubles come but he helps us through them, no matter what; we just have to be bold enough to listen. He lets us choose our actions freely. Miracle!

He has made individual reasons for all of us billions of people to be on this Earth that no one else can perform but us. That is mind blowing; he has that many plans/ideas; miracle!

We should all be grateful to this Creator for creating everything in and around this world. If you claim things came from specks of dust; those specks had to come from somewhere and have something different in each of them for all of this individualism we get in water, vegetation, animals, sun images, moon images, the stars, everything and us; miracle!

His words became flesh; miracle. He deserves our praise and attention to His plans that he has made for us. Life will be (and is) beautiful because of Him and all He has done for us:
a) created the world and us
b) let us remain after a lot of crazy actions on our part; sin
c) gave us his son who died for all our sins. Multiply your mistakes by billions and then you’ll know what He sees everyday and still loves us all; wow, miracle!

Thank-you Lord God for all the miracles you have preformed up to now. I’m going to try and live by your will to thank you more.

With all my love,





True, life has no guarantees
. However, there is one exception; God.
He will love you and guide you daily.
Believe in him and trust his will; he will lead you down the right directions.
Listen to your heart; that is him speaking to you.
Let go and trust God as he holds your future in his hands.
He knows all and that is a guarantee.


The Voice That Speaks Within



There are plenty of voices in our heads daily. It is how we manage our jobs, relationships and other daily routines. There are two very distinct voices though. One you should pay attention to and one you should not.

The one that you hear and it gives you a slight tingle along with warm feelings is the one you should pay attention to. It is coming from deep within your heart and that is God. He has many positive reasons for whatever He requests and it will guide you to where you need to be. There will be plenty of blessings coming to you from listening to His voice.

The other one you have to be aware of. The plans sound and feel good; at first but in the end, more pain will come your way. You will feel any amount of greed with your uneasy happy feelings coming from this voice. Those are meant to fool you so you think all is well with these actions. This is the serpent talking to you then. You feel light headed afterwards and say yes just because you are not aware of the trickery. The road may seem short and simple but will lead to long and destructible.

The voice to listen to is the calm and gentle one of your Creator in your heart. That may not start out easy but in the end, all will be at peace as that is what He is; peace.

The Lord loves you and knows how to guide you so listen to your heart and trust Him. All will turn out for the best.







Blown Away

It’s hard to believe you died so I could live and be myself
You didn’t even know me but you did that wondrous thing for me and, well, everyone
I thought that over and w-o-w. Knowing me, I am not sure I would have done the same
You did this for everyone yes but I was overwhelmed when I thought of just ONE.

I am blown away.

Ever wonder what inspires you to do something?
Ever think about what that “inner voice” is?
That is Him guiding you and telling you what to do and where to go.
Follow Him and you’ll be amazed at the glories.

I am blown away

I also see a photo of the world wrapped up in hands. Those are your hands.
Yikes; the whole world in your hands; care and everything?! Not sure any of us could ever do that.
Wow Lord; you can hold us while you have your hands over the whole Earth.
You know everything too and your love never shakes off.

I am blown away

Every little thing you do for all of us Lord, I am blown away by your love



Look Up



Look Up


There’s so much in this world that one does not know

All you have to do whenever you feel tension from this is look up

When you feel lost or scared

All you have to do is look up

There’s peace in the sky

Rain or shine; snow or shimmer; it’s smiling at you

When you look up, you feel warmth and comfort

He is watching

He is guiding

He loves you and He created you for a purpose

Trust Him through all of life’s endeavors

There are answers that come from above to your heart

Whenever there is uncertainty, look up

He knows all and what the future has in store

May not be for you to know right now but still; have faith

All you have to do is trust Him and for all the answers; just look up


I Trust You

There are many days which I may get nervous and/or worrisome over anything and everything.

One thing I hold onto for my future though is you.

You will not let go.


When I want to know what the future holds, I have to stop, take a breath and trust what you have marked out for me. Maybe it may not be doing a particular job but you have a better view on my life and therefore, know a better purpose for my doing something else. I may not see it but I should trust your guidance. Also, I may never fall in love to the marrying point but again, I should trust you. As scared as I am to be alone, you may see a better use for the love in my heart and, I need to remember that.


Since you can see all of my roads from start  to finish, roadblocks included; I need to hold onto my trust in you and have faith you will direct me in the way you would like me to go and also, the way that is right for me.


I am giving you my heart to do as you will. I trust you will guide me on this journey.

Let me do right by you.