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The Generous Warmth of Friendship

Things you need or require come to you when you need it
That’s the same with true friends
You cannot force good friendship to come to you; it has to come on it’s on agenda
When you meet friends that are meant for you, your heart will smile
They will make you feel safe, protected and warm
You can talk about anything and everything and, feel warm inside knowing it’s going to be alright
Also, you will start to think about what you did to deserve those people in your life
Their warmth to you/for you is a gift from God
Accept them, give thanks to the Lord and continue to enjoy them
True friends will stay with you, in your heart and you will remember them forever
The Lord generously gave you the warmth of these friends for your future
Show them the love you feel from them and from God
They are blessings to you from Him to continue your journey
Be grateful for the gift and shine on